Young teens arrested after alleged stolen car crashed through traffic signs, Gold Coast

A group of teenagers have been arrested after an alleged stolen crashed out in West Burleigh early this morning.

Emergency services were called to the Pacific Motorway off ramp and Tsipura Drive around 2.15am, following reports of a massive crash.

On arrivla, police report a four wheel drive had left the road, collided with some traffic signs and rolled.


All of the occupants tried to flee the vehicle, but police were able to locate them nearby.

A 14-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl were transported to Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

They’re both believed to be in stable conditions.

While a 14 and 15-year old boy and a 13 and 14-year-old girl were arrested and have since been charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Investigations are continuing.

If you have information for Police, please contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using their online form 24 hours per day.

You can also report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers by calling 1800 333 000 or via 24 hours per day. Crime Stoppers is a registered charity and community volunteer organisation.


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Need a new government to stand up to these type of kids and send a message by putting them in jail.
No license for 20 years and pay for any damages caused through a Hec’s type repayment plan.
At the moment they are allowed back out into the community the next day.
No more softly softly.
Luckily we have the opportunity in a few weeks time to get rid of the current lot of morons.

Do you really think taking someone’s licence for 20 years is going to stop them commuting crime or create a whole new reason they have to ?

TOTALLY agree.
A majority of ‘naughty kids’ would surely be frightened into a life of ‘better choices’ should our government adopt a mandatory 1 week in jail for first offenders who are involved in the cause of loss and damage to others. A separate, juvenile section, not in mainstream, regardless of being under age, the earlier the better. But sadly, all the do gooder’s and activists will never let that happen.

Fix the typos. Arivla isn’t even a word

Take their licence for 20 years and then they become a burden on the welfare system and live a life of crime. Make the penalty about giving back to society community service for substantial amount of time doing jobs and never being paid take away freedom without causing interruptions to their education and trying to help make better life choices.

In most cases its too late, if only you knew the amount of crimes these have already committed at such a young age and the system keeps letting them get away with it with little recall.
Parent/s don’t care,, system don’t care and current punishment does not work.
Take away some of their basic liberties i.e. future license, welfare amount and make them get a job.
They are already a drain on the welfare any social systems anyway.