Young woman with peanut allergy dies after kissing boyfriend

The mother of a young woman who died after kissing her boyfriend who had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich, is warning people with severe food allergies to always be prepared.

Myriam Ducre-Lemay died in 2012 after suffering cerebral anoxia (oxygen deprivation to the brain), CTV News reports.

The 20-year-old Canadian woman had just kissed her new boyfriend, who was allegedly unaware of her allergy, goodnight when she began having trouble breathing.


According to CTV News, the young woman then asked her boyfriend if he had eaten any nuts; when he replied she told him to call 911.

She was rushed to hospital, however her condition deteriorated and she passed away shortly after.

A coroner’s report found that she did not have her Epipen or MedicAlert bracelet on her at the time – something the young woman’s mother is now encouraging people with food allergies to ensure they have on them to prevent further tragedies like this from occurring.