Your Christmas Day forecast: The Gold Coast preparing for a stunning day!

After a weekend of wild weather the Gold Coast can expect a cracking Christmas Day with conditions expected to stay that way for most of the week.

The big day will start with a little bit of cloud around but that will clear for a mostly sunny day with top temperatures of 27 near the Coast and slightly warmer inland.

Lachlan Stoney from the Weather Bureau says it should be a really good day with humidity levels also remaining comfortable.


“Conditions will be really mild all round so looking light a very pleasant Christmas Day,” he said.

Most of Queensland’s south-east is in for a stunning Christmas Day with Brisbane expecting sunny tops of 29.

The good news is that there are no storms on the horizon for the Gold Coast over the festive season.

“It’s very stable weather at the moment, that change that we experienced the other day kicking off all those storms that we saw has really brought in a very stable air mass behind it.”

The Bureau is expecting the nice conditions to continue for most of the week.

“That high pressure ridge that’s come in behind the change the other day, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so definitely very settled conditions for the week,” Mr Stoney said.

A sunny day is also forecast for Boxing Day with top temperatures around 28 degrees.

Thursday and Friday should also be pleasant with partly cloudy conditions and tops in the high 20’s.

The early predictions for New Year’s Eve are also looking good.

“Maybe a touch warmer than what we’re seeing today, so potentially 29 or 30, but otherwise similar conditions and not much in the way of rainfall.”