Your marriage could depend on this…

IT’S official.

As in, proven by a prestigious university type of official.

That old saying that a “happy wife equals a happy life” is no longer just a clichéd phrase trotted out by knowing husbands’ at dinner parties and weddings, it’s actually a piece of irrefutable fact.


At least, that’s what researchers at Rutgers University and the University of Michigan have found in their new study, which concluded pretty conclusively that the happier the wife is in a long-term marriage, the happier the husband.

“I think it comes down to the fact that when a wife is satisfied with the marriage, she tends to do a lot more for her husband, which has a positive effect on his life,” says one of the report’s authors, Prof. Deborah Carr.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I thought I’d help out the husbands of the Gold Coast with a couple of tangible, practical tips you can follow, to cultivate for yourself a happy wife – and, subsequently, a happy and harmonious life for all.

First up, you could offer your wife the gift of time.

Modern women juggle dozens of responsibilities and relationships. More often than not, we are the curators of our family’s social calendar, and it’s exhausting trying to remember every little event and activity we’re committed to on top of everything else we’re doing and thinking of.

Because, realistically, that’s just one of the many hats we wear. Many of us also work, and we and raise our children, look after pets, support our husbands and manage our households, all while maintaining relationships with our friends, relatives and aging parents…

It can be exhausting just writing it, let alone living it.

It’s a recipe for a huge bucket of chaos and complexity, and it usually means we rarely have a moment to ourselves to just. Chill. Out.

So, give this gift to your woman. Thirty minutes in a bubble bath; an hour outside reading a book; a relaxing aromatherapy massage, or a solo trip to the shopping centre with a little cash and no-one else to look after.

These are simple moments we treasure.

And if we treasure them, the benefits will eventually transfer to you.

They have to: it’s science.

So do yourself a favour and book your wife a massage. The very survival of your marriage may depend on it.

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