Your Vote Counts … Sometimes

LET me get this straight.

So the public consultation the State Government has demanded the Gold Coast City Council undertake to gauge locals’ views about a cruise ship terminal might just come down to a leaflet in a letter box?

What happened to the referendum?


Well, apparently Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney’s people were on the phone before dawn to Mayor Tom Tate’s people demanding there not be a referendum that could cost $1 million.

Yet more evidence the State Government has no intention of this cruise ship terminal ever happening.

Cr Tate is now reportedly looking at a mail-out with a yes or no question, similar to a plebiscite.

And there’s the problem. Unlike referendums, plebiscites are non-binding.

So even if the vast majority was against the terminal, the council could ignore the result.

Much like former premier Anna Bligh once ignored an expensive public consultation and survey on daylight saving which found the vast majority of people wanted it – just not in the seats Labor needed to win.

Vale Daylight Saving.

Never forgive, never forget.

But I digress.

So, without the careful processes and proper oversight of a referendum, how do you reach every person who is eligible to have a say?

How do you ensure the votes are not manipulated?

How do you enforce the findings?

Let’s be frank, most of us don’t trust politicians.

What’s to trust?

They simper and smirk and make love to us all, to steal a line from Jane Austen, and once elected are rarely seen until the next election.

No matter what important promises they make to get our vote, they can basically go ahead and do anything they want after they have secured it.

If a new issue or problem comes up we must ‘trust’ our elected representatives to make decisions on our behalf.

But it’s not really working, is it?

They usually follow their party’s agenda instead of their constituents and hope everyone forgets before the next election.

Quarry? What quarry?

Why, in this age of incredible technological advances, can we not have more of a direct say in what is happening?





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