“You’re a terrorist, you’re a little monkey”: Labor Senator abused at the pub

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari says he felt physically threatened after being verbally abused by ‘working class patriots’ in a pub on Wednesday night.

The men heckled the Iranian-born Senator calling him a “terrorist” and “a little monkey”.

They also demanded to know if Senator Dastyari, who was drinking a glass of wine at the time, was a Muslim.


Both Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have condemned the attack, saying there is no place for this in Australia.

However, One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson refused to condemn the attack and said Senator Dastyari used the incident to create publicity for his recently-released book.

Senator Dastyari was accompanied by Labor MP Tim Watts, who tried to stop the insults.

A woman sitting at the Senator’s table also interrupts the abuse to ask one of the men if they’re employed by transport company Toll Group.

Toll Group is now looking into the incident to see whether these men are employees of the company.