Youth jobs figures show Logan and Beaudesert in crisis

New ABS figures highlight the extent of the youth jobs crisis facing many regions in Queensland according to Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson.

He said almost two thirds of Queensland’s regions had lost youth jobs in the past year.

“Many parts of the state, particularly regional Queensland, are facing a youth unemployment crisis under Queensland Labor,” Mr Emerson said.


“To think that youth unemployment in Outback Queensland is higher than 40 per cent is a crying shame.

“The latest ABS figures show the number of young Queenslanders with a job has fallen by 11,500 in the last year.

“Queensland should be leading the nation in job creation and job security but sadly under this government we are coming dead last.

“These job losses are being felt across many parts of Queensland, with the eastern and western parts of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Logan-Beaudesert all hardest hit.”

Jobs losses experienced in the regions in the last year include:

  • Brisbane West – 4,800
  • Brisbane East – 4,500
  • Sunshine Coast – 4,500
  • Logan-Beaudesert – 2,600
  • Moreton Bay – South – 2,100
  • Outback Queensland – 1,900
  • Toowoomba – 1,700
  • Townsville – 1,700
  • Ipswich – 1,500
  • Brisbane North – 1,400
  • Wide Bay – 1,200
  • Darling Downs – Maranoa – 500

The youth unemployment rate is above 20 per cent in the following regions:

  • Queensland-Outback – 41.1%
  • Wide Bay – 24.7%
  • Townsville – 21.7%
  • Cairns – 21%
  • Brisbane-East – 20.3%

“Our plan includes a $5,000 Queensland Apprenticeship incentive for small business; $500 Tools for Tradies vouchers; a $4,000 Job Start Incentive; together with discounts on Work Cover premiums for small business.