Youth the target of new Gold Coast vaccination campaign

City of Gold Coast is hoping a new COVID-19 vaccination campaign, launching today, will encourage more young people on the Gold Coast to get the jab.

The marketing blitz comes as Gold Coast Acting Mayor Donna Gates admits she is concerned about the number of young people on the coast still yet to receive a single vaccination.

“Our youth market, those aged between 16-29 years, is lagging behind,” Ms Gates said.


“Once borders open, they will miss out on the opportunity to go to concerts, festivals and their favourite nightclubs.

“Importantly, unvaccinated people are far more likely to contract Covid-19 and the results can be frightening as we saw last week with the ride-share driver.”

Ms Gates said time is ticking, with just five days left for Gold Coasters to get their first jab to ensure they will be fully protected in time for the border reopening on December 17.

“The Gold Coast needs to urgently increase its youth vaccination rates if our city wants to enjoy what millions of other Australians are about to experience,” she said.

“It’s such an easy choice. Talk to your GP and unless there is a compelling reason, get vaccinated now.”

The advertising blitz is being rolled out across a range of channels including mainstream radio, where commercials will be played, along with sporting clubs including the Gold Coast Titans and Gold Coast Suns in a bid to drive home the message.

“Whatever channels we need to deploy, we will,” Acting Mayor Gates said.

“It may be Instagram, Spotify or similar direct-message channels but we simply have to get the message out there”.

As of yesterday, 74.5 per cent of Gold Coasters had received one dose, with 59 per cent now fully vaccinated.

That’s behind the state average, which currently sits at 75.22 per cent first dose and 60.7 per cent double dose.